Testlink application form

Automated testlink submissions are currently on hiatus. Please contact an rcom member in #help to discuss testlinks.

Administrator Information
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Phone number:
Server Information
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IP address:
WorldIRC name:
Available Ports:
Operating System:
Processor Type & Speed:
Memory (RAM):
Load averages:
Other tasks running on this machine:
Connection Information
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Ping and Traceroute Summary
ping -c100 -s1024 -q Klagenfurt.AT.EU.WorldIRC.Org:
traceroute Klagenfurt.AT.EU.WorldIRC.Org:
ping -c100 -s1024 -q Fairbury-R.IL.US.WorldIRC.Org:
traceroute Fairbury-R.IL.US.WorldIRC.Org:
List all IRCops that will be part of your server at the time of linking, including e-mail addresses:

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